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A lot happens in a year. Births and birthdays were celebrated, along with the mourning of some really tragic losses of babies and young people way before their time. Many accomplishments happened along with plenty of failures and there was plenty of joy along side plenty of struggle and sadness. Even though, at times it is difficult to live optimistic in such an imperfect world of war and political division and tragedy, I found many things to celebrate and be thankful for in 2013, most of all the people in my life.

Since I already started on a journey on November 3 to take better care of myself, my resolution for 2014 is to be a kinder, gentler me so that my actions can better match the true compassion, concern and hope I have for people in my heart. God knows I am imperfect and difficult – so I will strive to treat people with the same decency and mercy that I hope people would afford me and that I know God does.

In order to become a person who laughs more and scowls less, I will not bury my head in the sand about the things that we can all work together to change or stop trying to challenge the people I love, but I will try to focus more on what I can fix about me and that is good about life and celebrate it. I will offer more encouragement instead of criticism of others, no matter how difficult or frustrating, and to do this I will attempt to be less stressed and more calm by taking more time to have fun with my family and friends; to make and have more joyful moments to balance out the heartache and frustration that comes with life; and to let go and let God more.

We are all a work in progress – so my wish for all of my friends, family, and myself is that we all find ourselves a little (or a lot!) better, happier, healthier and more at peace by this time again in 2014.


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