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What Will It Take To Reinvent Education?


Just as in reinventing management, where five fundamental and interdependent shifts are needed, so in reinventing education five fundamental and interdependent shifts need to occur:

Shift No. 1: GOALS – Putting Students First
“Our goal is to inspire our students to become life-long learners with a love of education.”

Shift No. 2: STATIC TO DYNAMIC – A dynamic goal of being able to create knowledge and deploy skills to new situations, whatever they turn out to be.
“In this world, teaching by transfer of information doesn’t work well. Instead the role of teachers (and parents) becomes one of enabling and inspiring the students to learn, so as to spark the energies and talents of the students.”

Shift No. 3: MODE OF COORDINATION & ACCOUNTABILITY – Dynamically linking the education system to self-driven learning of the students.
“In a word: bureaucracy. It’s stopped working in business. But it’s still being introduced into education with similar dispiriting results. Hierarchical bureaucracy doesn’t work when it comes to inspiring continuous learning.”

No. 4: VALUES – A shift from value to values.
“A shift from a single-minded preoccupation with economic value and maximizing efficiency to one of instilling the values that will create a passion for continuous learning over time.”

No. 5: COMMUNICATIONS – A shift from command to conversation.
“A shift from top-down communications (“the sage on the stage”) comprising predominantly hierarchical directives to horizontal conversations (‘the guide on the side’) that helps the student discover new resources, solve problems and generate new insights.”

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