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AWKkkward!! A Word So Trendy Even Our 2-Year-Old Uses It!

So the other day, I am laying on the bed face-to-face with Julian’s daddy talking and just having a moment together. As if on cue, 2-year-old Julian comes in with a large dump truck and plops it on the bed and then climbs up on the bed with it. Julian then wedges himself right in between Jeremy and I and lays back. He glances over at me and then turns and looks at his dad and then exclaims, “AWKKward!” We laughed so hard and Julian was SO proud of himself.

Now I realize that if a single word were trending on Twitter right now it would probably be “awkward” since I have heard it lately on the Progressive commercials, my 19-year-old uses it with his friends and I just heard it on another commercial today (can’t say much for the brand since I can’t remember what the commercial for). However, we had never heard Julian say this word before. But what was so hilarious was the context – this moment would have made the perfect commercial for something!

Julian’s vocabulary in the past few months is just amazing and we marvel all of the time at his use of language, sentences, inflection and his timing and context! The other day we asked him if he liked something and he said it was “delicious!” Then the other day I asked him if he wanted more of something and instead of yes or no, he said “I’m good.” Amazing, but could he really have grasped “awkward?”

Awkward is a word with a meaning that is so abstract and complex for a 2-year-old and even more so in the context the word was used in this situation. How did he know? Is the word just so trendy that Julian had picked up on it? I suppose he noticed that the word makes people laugh as an expression and he just happened to pull it out at an ironically perfect moment. But is it possible that he used the word exactly as he meant to? We will never know but one thing is for sure the trending word in our house right now, thanks to Julian, is definitely “awkward!”


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