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My Brother Ethan Lives in a Zoo!

Lion pic

Here you go Julian - here's your lion.

Ethan was out of high school and living at home without a job when his baby brother, Julian was born. So for the first few months of his life, Ethan was my helper and the very first diaper he ever changed was Julian’s. Then when Julian turned 3-months old he went down to the daycare where his oldest brother, Jordan, took over as his daycare teacher! Now Julian is 2-1/2 years old and about a month ago Ethan moved. Julian has a special relationship with all of his brothers and can name them (all six), even the ones who are not in our house now.

It has always been strange to explain to Julian when the older brothers have moved. But most of the time they stop back by for dinner or to do their laundry. So when Ethan moved all the way down to Texas to go to college, it was a hard concept to explain. What in the world is Texas. It was similar to trying to explain to him that his Dad went on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. He thought we just dumped him off at the airport and left him.

One of the last things Ethan wanted to do before he moved was to go on a trip to the Omaha Zoo with his baby brother. So our whole family (almost) pack up and took a day trip to Omaha. Julian had a wonderful time and he talks about the trip frequently. After being gone for over a month, Ethan finally got internet at his house and a couple nights ago he “skyped” us! Julian was very excited to see his brother for the first time since right after our trip to the zoo.

Thank goodness for Skype because, while it does not replace him actually being here, it is the next best thing to having Ethan home again! I was really… I mean Julian was really missing Ethan terribly.  Ethan was able to take Julian and I on a tour of his new home that he shares with two roommates, as well as a very large dog, two cats and a bearded dragon.

After showing us the bearded dragon, which Julian thought was an alligator, Julian exclaimed, “I want to see the Lion now Etin!” Apparently, combining the last memory of the zoo with Ethan’s collection of pets, Julian concluded that Ethan lives at the zoo!


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