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A Weekend Away in the Country for Mom

2011 Harvest Bloggers Tour

2011 Harvest Tour

If you are a Twitter person, I highly recommend following event hashtags on Twubs.com. It is a super-cool tool and I will be tweeting about the Harvest Tour through Twubs. Sign up today and follow the Harvest Tour Bloggers Tweets on Twubs http://twubs.com/harvesttour or on Twitter with Hashtag #HarvestTour. You can also see all of the images through the “bloggers’ eyes” at http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/harvestcountybloggerstour.

I will think of my little man, Julian, a lot this weekend as I am riding on a combine and checking out farm equipment during the 2011 Franklin County Harvest Tour.

Who would have known this Des Moines “city” girl would end up spending a weekend away in the country! You just never know where social media (you know that thing for reclusive computer geeks with no real friends) might take you…

I have attended more live and in-person events as a result of social media than I ever would have before it existed. So much for the idea that social media discourages real interaction!

Here I am in Hampton, Iowa, at the charming Country Heritage Bed and Breakfast – all provided FREE of charge just for touring and sharing about the festival.

Thanks goes out to the wonderful businesses in Hampton who sponsored the bloggers and welcomed us so graciously with wine, candy, pumpkins, homemade jam and scented sashe.

More to come about my adventure in the Hamptons… I mean Hampton, Iowa!


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