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An Experience 9/11 Has Taken from Our Kids

When my older boys were little, I used to take quite a few trips a year by plane. Their dad would take them all to the airport to see me off. They would go all the way up to the departure gate and wait with me until the last minute and watch me enter the ramp and I would wave back at them just as I entered the plane. My three boys would stay then and watch my plane taxi the runway and take off.

When I arrived back from my trip they would be there waiting on the other end of the ramp until I emerged and then they would squeal and run up to me as soon as I was off the ramp. It was a wonderful feeling know their faces would be right there waiting for me as soon as I stepped into the terminal.

I have Julian now and his father travels a little bit to go on scuba diving trips since he is an instructor. For the first time, he was old enough to sort of comprehend and we told our little two-year-old that daddy was going to go on a trip on an airplane and we were taking him to the airport.

We showed up first thing in the morning and helped daddy with his bags. Then we walked him around the corner where we sat in a seated area on the ground floor for a bit and then not really knowing how soon before they would want you to board or be in the area, we went ahead and told Jeremy good-bye. Julian watched his daddy depart up an escalator and then there was no reason to stay so I told Julian it was time to go.

Julian was confused and upset wondering why I was leaving his Daddy “upstairs.” It did not help that I said he was going up there to catch an airplane. He thought it was strange Daddy was catching an airplane from upstairs and he wanted to know where the airplanes were… which were no where to be seen from the downstairs lobby.

I got him convinced to go and then we had round two of upset when we got into “Daddy’s car” and were leaving Daddy at the airport and driving home in Daddy’s car!  So for several days my son thought we had dumped Daddy off in some building called an airport where he saw no planes and then drove home in Daddy’s car without Daddy. If you asked Julian where his Daddy was, he would tell you “At the airport.” Finally his Daddy Skyped him and convinced him he was not at the airport and was in “Cabo.”

When we went back to the airport to pick up Daddy, it was down in the lobby area again. Julian apparently thinks you go up escalators and then are just mysteriously transported to some far away land or something.

It made me sad that Jeremy would never get the experience I had with my older boys when I used to travel – to have his son wait with him until they said it was time to board and to see his excited face waiting for him as soon as he stepped off the ramp.  It made me sad for Julian that he was confused and would not get to make that connection about flight and how a person enters a plane and the plane flies away.

I know this is probably a little thing that the events of 9/11 has taken away from us all. It took away actual lives but things like this visit to the airport reminds me of the freedom that it took away from us all.


September 12, 2011 - Posted by | Social Media Mom

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