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New Expression of the Week from Sir Julian: “Let’s Do This!”

Julian Reef Kinnard – Future Scuba Diver – Current Source of Daily Laughter

Saturday night I stayed up super late. Something you never want to do when you have to get up with a two-year-old the next morning. But as I mentioned before, Julian is the best morning baby. He woke up at about 7:45am – I could hear him talking to himself and glanced at the clock to see if I could stall a little. I dozed back off and 30 minutes later I woke again to him giggling in his crib. I said, buddy are you ready to get up and he said “yes.” So I got him out of his bed and feeling lazy and tired, I took him back to bed with me. We watched cartoons and read books for a while — but I knew he must be getting hungry. So I asked him if he was ready to eat and he said “yes.” But we were both still lazy and settled back in. I asked him what he wanted and he said nanna (for banana) and cerl (for cereal). But we both just kept laying there talking about breakfast. A commercial came on and suddenly Julian popped up in bed and reached down to place a hand on both sides of my cheeks. He held my face and looked right into my eyes and exclaimed “Let’s Do this!”

Don’t know where he got this from but my sister reported to me that earlier on Saturday when she said she would watch a movie with him, but was being slow, he took her by the hand and pulled her out to the TV room and said “Let’s Do This!” We have heard this now several times around the house, so it is the Julian quote of the week and has been quite motivational for us. So fpr everyone feeling unmotivated — I know its the beginning of another week and all I can say is “Let’s Do This!”


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