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“I am Julian!” said Julian…and now I am “Scerred.”

In the month of May, Julian discovered his identity, not just recognized his name, but discovered that, “I AM JULIAN!” Its funny that at 2 years old and 3 months, Julian figured exactly who he was, was comfortable in his own skin and was confident in himself. For the entire second week in May, Julian shared his discovery with us no less than 200 times! Well maybe not in the same exact words 200 times, but with other little twists on the same concept:

“Hi Mommy…I am Julian.”

“Your name is Dylan (his brother)…I am Julian.”

“Tyson (our dog barking) HUSH! …I am Julian.”

“No Daddy, stop tickling me!… I am Julian!”

“I don’t want to take a nap… I am Julian!”

My sister accidentally scratched him and he exclaimed through sobs and tears, “OUCH! Lissa did it! I AM JULIAN!”

If he did not say who he was, he made sure to point out who we were:

“Thank You! … Mommy”

“Have a nice day!… Daddy”

“Good bye.. Car”

“Good night… Blanket”

It is so ironic that at just a bit over 2 years old Julian had found what most people by the time they are teens are completely clueless of and which many won’t find again until they are 40 – their self. So how do we lose our self? What in the world robs us of us by the time we are 15?

I think the answer lies in fear. Fear of not being accepted. Fear of our parent’s rejection. Fear of failing. Fear of being hurt. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of not being good enough. Fear we might not even like our self if we really knew who we are.

So ironically, by the very next week, before the end of May, right after discovering exactly who he was in the world, Julian discovered fear of things in the world. He woke up screaming and I rushed to his crib. He exclaimed “monsters!” We have no idea where he got this idea from. What did he see? What had he experienced already in the world that his father and I had not known about? How did he even know outside of Sesame Street what a “monster” was?

Just as baffling as the sudden discovery of him self, was this sudden discovery that evil exists in the world. The theme from that day forward, Julian’s new mantra has been “i scerred” (no that is not a typo for “scared” it his how he says it). He is now “scerred” of monsters, the dark and even jumping too high if he thinks he might fall.

In the course of a couple short weeks, my son realized he was his own person and then felt immediately unsafe. There must be some psychological explanation for why one followed right after the other. I was absolutely mesmerized by his recognition of his self and his confidence, then so sad to know he had already figured out their is evil and to have fear for himself. Julian no longer trusts that Momma can protect him from everything. Wow, I guess he is officially not a baby anymore!


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My Fantastic 3am Discovery: www.themotherhood.com

I fell asleep early and then woke up and have not been able to get back to sleep. Of course that means I am writing, sharing, reading and making some cool discoveries.  http://www.themotherhood.com/

About the website from their website:

TheMotherhood is organized around Circles and Talks.

Circles are on-going conversations started by members on any and all topics.  Join the circles that interest you, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, start one!

Talks are scheduled, live conversations that last a day with expert hosts on topics recommended by members.  We’re always looking for new ideas on topics and people you’d like to talk with, so anytime send us an email with your recommendations to Talks@TheMotherhood.com!

Neighbors are the amazing women who make up TheMotherhood.  You won’t find a nicer, smarter, funnier, more supportive, resourceful, authentic, friendly group of moms anywhere.

TheMotherhood Creative keeps the lights on.  Here’s where we partner with favorite national brands to help them work with moms in wonderful, innovative and real ways – online and off. It’s all creative goodness for brands and for moms. If you are a mom or a brand interested in working with us please email contact@themotherhood.com.

TheMotherhood on the Web: We’re where you are and would love to connect.

Become a fan of TheMotherhood on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter:




We Are TheMotherhood

A few years back, we started thinking about the idea that maybe TheMotherhood needed a tagline to capture the essence of what we’re all about in just a few words.  TheMotherhood is such a special place, we wanted to be able to broadcast that to the world, right up front.

Two things happened though.  First, all the four or five word taglines we could come up with sounded like bad advertising copy, and second, we knew in our bones we couldn’t boil us mothers down to a sound bite.  There’s no one approach to motherhood or to what we’re all here for.

So, we decided to come at it from the opposite direction – to list all that we are as mothers –  The “We Are’s”.  Who we are in all our varied glory. Here are some:

As Mothers, We Are …

  • humanity training 24/7
  • stunned at how quickly it all flies by
  • collectively unstoppable
  • living the ultimate reality show
  • ready for anything
  • dreaming of a beach hammock
  • altogether stronger
  • not picking up his socks again
  • making the world better for our kids
  • stuck in the office
  • raising all boats
  • Superheroes
  • on another diet
  • sending our prayers
  • letting them stay up late
  • in an epic battle with a pile of laundry
  • listening
  • looking good in our Target outfits
  • leaving a legacy
  • undecided about tofu
  • keeping our eyes on the big picture
  • shouldering the burdens of the world
  • so cool
  • finding some time for us

Come visit TheMotherhood “We Are” circle to see more and add your own!

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OpenStudy Wants to Turn the World Into “One Big Study Group”

For the full article including screen shots and video about the Education-Focused startup, OpenStudy, go to: http://wp.me/pNaxW-1j5o

Reposted from TechCrunch article:

Education-focused startup OpenStudy is a platform for “massively multi-player study groups.” What this means is that students who are studying the same subject like math or writing can ask and answer questions on OpenStudy, which uses Facebook Connect to let users interact and learn collaboratively through profiles and group chat.

OpenStudy aims to make education fun by providing users with gamification (yeah I know how terrible using this word is, but I make an exception for things education-related) elements like medals and achievements for completing actions like answering a question quickly or answering  more than ten questions. You can also fan people you’d like to follow, giving users incentive to engage and contribute.

“We want OpenStudy profiles to become like LinkedIn for education,” says Marketing Manager Jon Birdsong, ”An accurate and evolving representation of your academic persona.  We want our students to become heroes to their peers – and we want to make sure everyone knows when they are.”

Having just come out of beta in February OpenStudy now has 40,000 registered students in over 1,500 schools in 143 countries. There are 20,000 questions being asked monthly in the math group alone.

And the institutions that have forked over cash to support OpenStudy are impressive: the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Georgia Research Alliance and the Gates foundation. Most recently the startup partnered up with MIT OpenCourseWare to let students work together on over 65 courses.

Future plans for the startup include adding even more gamification features like referring questions to Facebook Friends, a groups function (“teams”) and the widgetization of OpenStudy profile credentials so users can add them to other sites. “We want our students to become heroes to their peers – and we want to make sure everyone knows when they are,” Birdsong explains.

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How School Districts use Social Media to Strengthen Community | GetFreshPR.com

For some time now I have been intrigued by Van Meter Schools in Iowa and their effective use of Social Media to strengthen their school and community. Here is a great article full of tips on how your school can use social media and some case studies on how it has worked for others!

How School Districts use Social Media to Strengthen Community | GetFreshPR.com.

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